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Geoff Adcock 

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Digger and Earthworks Contractor


Adcock Contracting are your best option for earthwork solutions.  Their proactive business development plan has grown their range of equipment and services. Whether your project is large, medium or small they have the versatility and specialities you will require for a wide range of targeted options. Geoff is your owner/operator contractor.  He provides a wide range of earthwork services to both rural and urban clients. His mission is to provide the very best solutions that help everyone. From farm, lifestyle, residential to commercial projects you can rely on Geoff for exceptional service from planning to completion of your earthworks.  




Hydro Vac and DryVac/Air Vac 


Adcock Contracting has recently acquired a Hydro Vac the very best in Hydraulic Waterblasting.  More innovation from Adcock Contracting.  This machine is a simple and ideal solution for your trench work, allows for easy site clean-ups.  Unblock and clean your drains with this hydraulic waterblaster.  Good for tight access.  Commercial or residential no problem.  Jus the ticket for potholing to locate services, a no damage safe solution for your projects. The Compressor Air Vac Combo is another innovation from Adcock Contracting.  This air lance excavator is widely used for digging around tree roots, fragile services.  With the no damage safe excavations and cheaper dump fees the Dry Vac / Air Vac machine is what you are looking for.  A portable and efficient machine for airwand excavating and mole tunnelling saving you both time and money.  After all the work is completed you are reassured of a exceptional reinstatement of the site.

Innovation for your earthwork projects

Reliable, safe, efficient and affordable


Farm, lifestyle, residential, urban or commercial properties. Service work, sub-divisions and general earthworks Adcock Contracting Ltd has an earthwork solution for you.


Geoff and Kate thank you for visiting their website and wish you a good day.


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Peace of mind for you?  Yes!


General earthworks & trenchless technology

  • Digger work

  • Cartage

  • Air vac excavations - portable airwand excavating | service work | tree root loosening | trenching

  • Hydro Vac excavations - locating services | drains | stormwater sumps | hydraulic waterblaster

  • Mole tunnelling - 130 mm dia. | tows to 100 mm dia. | 25 mtr range

  • Mole tunnelling - 55 mm dia. | 25 mtr range | ideal for service work

  • Post hole boring - 150 mm to 650 mm dia.

  • Open trench works for power, phone and water services

  • House foundations and footings

  • Driveways and landscaping

  • Horse facilities - arenas | yards | washbays | tracks

  • Special attention paid to reinstatement work

  • Sub divisions

  • Bobcat excavator  | 5.5. tonne excavator | off set boom | tilt bucket | mole plough | V bucket | full range of trenching buckets | post hole borer 250 to 600 mm dia. | ripper | hydraulic thumb and more.  A great all round machine.
  • Bobcat excavator | 2 tonne excavator | tilt bucket | hydraulic thumb | post hole borer.  This machine has great manuverability is versatile and ideal for service work | sub divisions | general earthworks
  • Compaction Gear | foot rammer | finishing plate compactor | 200 kg diesel plate compactor.
  • Grundomat | mole tunneller (trenching machine) | 25 metre range | 130 mm dia. | tows to 100 m.
  • Air Vac Compressor Combo | excavate with air lance and dry vac | portable | air wand excavating | air spade | rock breaker | spade | seal cutter | digging around tree roots, fragile services | cheaper dump fees | compaction foot | The Air Vac is an affordable efficient and extremely effective digging machine. 
  • Hydro Vac | Hydraulic Waterblaster | no damage safe excavator | a simple solution for your trench work | easy site clean-ups | good for tight access areas | commercial and residential uses | unblocking and cleaning drains | stormwater sumps | the best machine for potholing to locate services | the Hydro Vac is an extremely efficient and effective machine 

Agricultural earthworks

  • Farm conversions
  • Concrete pad and form work  for Dairy Farms including
    • drain clearing, pipe cleaning, waterblaster and hydro services
  • General farm maintenance
    • yard repairs
    • concrete work
    • race repairs
    • water systems installation and repairs
  • Effluent systems
  • Cow races | Calf pens
  • Water leaks | Soak pits | Water Race Cleaning | Drainage
  • Pipe laying
  • Grundomat Mole Tunneller for | Under Roads | Driveways | Water Races
  • Hydro Vac for | drain clearing, pipe cleaning
  • Special attention paid to reinstatement work
  • and much much more.... Contact Geoff for your next project
picture of Kubota 6 tonne digger
picture of airvac compressor


Earthworking equipment




Small to medium sized jobs a speciality

  • The whole job from start to finish

  • Footpath/driveway preparations with boxing
  • Hot and cold mix patching
  • Patching, repairs to small damages


Contact us for Residential and Commercial fence installations